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What is Beef Knuckle? How to cut the right piece of beef knuckle and explain its preparation?

What's the beef Knuckle?

The beef knuckle is a beef round subprimal. Depending on the weight of the carcass it weighs between 4 kg and 6.5 kg. The beef knuckle is a good source of lean beef, which is a very versatile beef sub-primal cut. Several people love to eat this beef piece because it contains for main parts such as-:

  • Vastus medialis.

  • Rectus femoris

  • Vastus lateralis

  • Vastus intermedius

According to the best butcher Brisbane, These are additionally known as tip side, tip center, and tip bottom. In case you are a beef lover, this article will help you to gain detailed knowledge about beef.

Muscles in the beef knuckle

The muscle in the femur

That is the tendon that is connected to the femur, so it has a decent amount of fat so gristle to extract. It has also a layer of connective tissue from which it connects with the femur. This muscle is great for lean thin or ground beef when trimmed.

Muscle wedge

This is one of the strongest lean slices of beef, which is connected to a thin outer layer of connective tissues on the exterior. The wedge muscle also finds a dense silverskin on the inside. There are many options for his cut when it's fully trimmed such as stews, casseroles, bourguignon beef. This is a slice of exceptional meat, sliced thinly for Philadelphia cheesesteak, minute steaks, stroganoff beef, and grilled steaks. You could roast it, but because it's very lean, you would need to add some fat to the outside.

The bullet muscle

That's the group 's strongest muscle. With a layer of fat added for seasoning and moisture, it could be grilled, and it has very lean wide-ish cuts, so really well for portion control. There is no need to cut the inner muscle connective tissue because it would melt during roasting. The bullet can be further subdivided into two smaller pieces along the thin silver skin.

Cutting the beef knuckle

To cut the beef knuckle, you must follow the below-mentioned points.

  • First of all, you need to buy a sharp knife because it is difficult to cut the beef parts.

  • Not only this, but a bit of practice is also needed to separate all the muscles efficiently.

  • Only after proper knowledge and practice, you will be able to cut the right parts of Knuckle or from a large piece of sub-primal beef.

  • According to a butcher, you can simply cut steaks, no need to divide the muscles to cut the steaks.

  • Once, you are done with cutting, you need to remove all the connective tissues properly. This will give you a better taste, but if you roast or cook it well.