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What are the top tips to identify the different quality cuts of meat 2020?


Meat is a fantastic food which is consumed by people all over the world regularly. Though just like any other type of produce, sometimes you are going to encounter meats that are stingy, tasteless, and tough. Let's read this guide from our best butcher Brisbane.

The Feed

  • When it comes to the way animals were fed, you will often have the debate between the natural and unnatural means like hormones Vs no Hormones, caged Vs Free-range. Although it is inevitable you will often end-up consuming meat which contains hormones in it and certain farms operate differently.
  • Ideally, you are going to feed them naturally to reach the ideal state. Sometimes, the cows can be fed heavily so that they are fattened up. There are some ways to tell this by checking the meat but the main consideration needs to be given to marbling.
  • Marbling is those fat spots that you can see through the meat. If there is more marbling then there is more fat. Keep in mind, certain breeds like Angus beef are naturally marbled as compared to other options.
  • The meat you are going to select needs to be organic, grass-fed, and it should be from cows which can be moved freely as opposed to locked up.
  • The option of grass-fed beef is less fatty and it has a healthier red color. Moreover, it even tastes better compared to grain-fed beef. You must cook them appropriately so that you do not encounter any problem.
  • When you are looking to get a cut of meat, you need to keep an eye on how dark the red meat is. If the meat is on a darker red shade then it is going to be stingy and it won’t be too tender. It is quite good for the meat to have a brighter red color and it will not be tender and it won’t have the stringy bits.

If you are not sure what you need to get or what type of meat cut is the best option then make sure to talk to our butcher. They are going to tell you about the perfect option which will not only taste best but everyone is going to enjoy the meal to the fullest.

Your cooking style

If the meat contains a larger amount of marbling then you need to be more forceful when you cook. The marbling is going to help you maintain the tenderness of the meat but it is also a healthier choice.

But, if that is not the issue then you can choose something and cook beef which has the right amount of marbling for some time and the tenderness should not be that much.

To find out more about the quality cuts of meat then get in touch with our butcher for detailed information.