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What are the topmost tips of freezing and storage from a butcher?

Storing beef in the Fridge

  • In case you buy beef from a retail shelf at the supermarket, it comes packed with an overwrap of permeable film or modified atmosphere packaging. The package has a high level of CO2 which is pumped during the packing process and it slows down the microbial growth.

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  • If the meat gets broken out from the container, the extra level of protection is lost, so it is best to leave it like that until you are ready to cook it. The packing contains the expiration date which helps you give a guideline on how long you can keep it before freezing and cooking, but this is best when the meat has been refrigerated correctly.
  • If you are piling multiple steaks or burgers, make sure to keep wax paper or parchment paper in between each of them. This way the meat gets separated from the other quickly without tearing the surface.


How long meat can be frozen and are there any labeling tips?

If the freezer is at 0°F or below, the meat will last for a long time but meat quality will degrade which affects its flavor, and texture is also less desirable. To get the best flavor, store ground beef for around 3 to 5 months in the freezer and fresh cuts can be up to 8 to 12 months.

In the freezer, labeling tape will lose its stickiness and unlabeled mystery can make you wonder what is written on it exactly. You must label everything correctly with the permanent marker before putting it in the freezer


How meat can be defrosted safely?

  • The ideal way to defrost eat is by putting it in the refrigerator overnight. Use plastic packaging to store meat or use a ziplock bag and then keep it on a plate or in a bowl to prevent meat juices from leaking in the fridge on other food items. Defrosting meat this way means you need to wait for 2 days before cooking meat.
  • If you do not have time to defrost then keep meat under running cool water. Put the frozen meat in a well-sealed plastic bag and keep it in a bowl of water. Small and thin cuts of meat will take an hour to defrost but larger meat will take 2 to 3 hours. Make sure water is replaced every 30 minutes to make sure water is cool. This way, you can cook meat as soon as it is thawed and you don’t have to re-freeze it.