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What are the topmost tips for storing meat suggested by the professionals?

What is the major advice on buying and storing fresh meat?

When you plan to buy and store meat, make sure to take the tips from the best butcher Brisbane.

  • Purchase the meat towards the end of the shopping trip.
  • When you buy meat, you need to think about where it came from. If you get the meat from a local butcher, get to know about its origin. If you do this, you are giving a contribution to the ethical animal husbandry.
  • Make sure you get back to your home as quickly as possible and keep the meal in a cool place. It is best to use a cool bag/box for support.
  • It is an ideal choice not to allow the meat to sit in its juices when you are at home. You can even go with a kitchen roll. Buying the meat vacuum packed will help to keep it for a longer time but do check the ‘use-by’ date. Make sure that your packaging is not damaged in any manner. If the air enters then there are high chances bacteria can enter and the meat will get spoiled quickly.
  • If there is short-term fridge storage, then the ideal choice to place the meat is in a firm sealed glass container or plastic.
  • Buying wooden shelves or containers is not a reliable choice to make.



Pork is an extremely favorite meat for many people which is more popular than beef or poultry. The domestic pig is a cross between an Asian breed or a European breed and this got kicked off in the middle of the 19th century.

Nowadays, the use of pork is different and there are several dishes to try from. Make sure the pork is fine-grained and it should be strong pink. If it is pale or extremely dark then it means it is of inferior quality. Pork can be kept in the fridge for around 7 days and you can even keep it in the freezer. It can be kept in the freezer in a sealed airtight container for around 6 months.



Beef cattle up to 8 months old are known as calves and it depends on the breed. Calf meat is referred to as veal and along with pork it can be used in different ways. Whether it is roasted or prepared at steak it becomes a great choice of meal. You can easily get it from the supermarket shop and make sure it is a light red color. Veal is best for freezing and it can be stored for around 12 months.



Lamb comes from sheep and it is considered as one of the finest meats. Sheep have a long history of being a domestic animal and they are an important source of milk, meat, and wool. It blends well with different varieties of herbs like rosemary, mint, and thyme. This is a great addition to a balanced diet. Frozen and stored at -18°C, it can go best for 10 months.