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How to Butcher a Lamb: Every Lamb Cut Explained

Butcher a lamb is an art. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. One should be strong enough to cut a baby sheep into pieces. But before cutting do you even know how to do it? There is a proper way to slaught a lamb. You have to break down the animal into 6 edible sections before dividing it. Sometimes people do mistakes in buying the animal. Then they blame the shopkeepers for not keeping the good stuff with them.

This knowledge will not only help you make delicious mutton but also help you in buying a particular animal. If you know all the steps so you can buy it easily without even second thought. So here are the steps to butcher a lamb are:

  • Make sure that the lamb is not in-crowd. It will be very difficult for you to chase it. Animals should be a little far away from the crowd. 

  • Then kill the lamb. There are two ways to kill the animal. Either you can slash his neck or you can shoot. Be careful while doing both. If you are shooting make sure you will shoot in the back of the skull. If you are slashing the neck. Then no one should be around you. 

  • After killing the animal. Hang it. It will help you to take out all the blood from the body.

  • Peel of the skin of the lamb. There are many ways of peeling it off. You can do it in your way whichever method is easier for you. You can use a knife, your hand, etc. 

  • Separate the head. You can separate it from the knife as well as with hands by twisting it slowly. Be careful while doing it. A small wrong cut will put in trouble. After chopping off the neck. Handle the animal with care. Be gentle with the internal organs of the animal.

  • After doing the above steps. Wash the animal properly. Dirt, blood, hair should be removed properly.

  • After cleaning the lamb. Keep it or hang it for a while at a normal temperature. It will help the muscle to relax, flavors to develop.

  • After that cut it into six sections. Head you already chopped off. Slit the shoulders, rib, kidneys, legs, loin into different sections. Here sharp knife plays an important role in slaughtering the animal. Be careful while using it.

  • After cutting it into different sections. Just wrap it with cloth or plastic paper. So the moisture will not go anywhere.