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Why are the options of hanging meat considered a popular choice?

Tips from best butcher Brisbane, Hanging is the process of maturing or aging meat by hanging the carcass or some part of it with the help of a hook. This is done in a temperature-controlled room that has the best airflow.


What is the process of hanging?

During the hanging, the enzymes present in the meat make the muscle fibers softer and more elastic which makes the meat tender and relaxed. In reality, the aging process is also the beginning of decomposition but there is nothing to worry about because when kept in the right conditions and temperature by the butcher.


How is the hanging method perfect for meat?

  • Meat also loses moisture when you hang it which is a great thing when you are cooking. Young meat which is wet and underhung carries water in excess which can either be in a pan or tray while cooking or your craving board when you cut it.
  • The moisture expands during cooking and leaches out through the meat stretched fibers. This means we meat will dry up while you want to cook it. When the meat is nicely hung it tastes even better as compared to meat which is not hung.


Does all the meat hang in the same manner?

  • Not all the meat types hang in the same manner and certain limits need to be checked by the butchers. Almost all meat will be benefited from a few days of hanging in the fridge which makes it relaxed and the muscles get settled down. This way the meat gets solidified which is great for the best meat taste.
  • Meat without good fat covering or marbling will not carry the lengthy process of changing as they are not protected from the fast deterioration. Veal, pork, and young lamb are present in this category but still, it needs 4 to 6 days of hanging which helps the flavors to develop safely.
  • It is also worth adding if you want to freeze meat which helps you get aged meat. Moisture and water are another reason as the water expands in wet meat which means ice crystals get frozen which tear and push the meat fibers.
  • Meat that is hung properly will have the moisture it needs and it has a high level of elastic fibers which is better with expanding ice crystals. This way when meat is defrosted or cooked it will leach out less water as compared to wet meat.


Buying from the best butcher

The top and main reason for buying from a butcher in comparison to a supermarket or a big retailer are that the meat is unlikely to be hung properly. If the meat is not hung properly it leads to weight loss which in turn means your money gets wasted. During the aging process, the beef side will lose around 15 to 20 percent with drip loss. So different benefits are there with the hanging process for meat.