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Fresh Meat: What are the most loved and preferred fresh meats in Brisbane?

Brisbane: Given below are the most popular fresh meat in Australia recommended by Best butcher Brisbane:

  • Flinders Island Lamb

Flinders Island lamb is fresh meat that is obtained from lambs born and reared on Flinders Island. The lambs belong to European and British breeds. They can be fed on milk or salt grass pastures. Lamb from milk-fed lambs is tender and succulent. It gives it a buttery and supper quality flavor.

On the other hand, saltgrass lamb is an exceptional meat product that comes from free-range lamb, and they contain the nutrients which are infused with sea salt from the ocean. They are great for their tenderness, unique flavor, and distinctive texture. You can get this type of meat in high-end restaurants.

  • Tasmania Beef

Tasmania beef is fresh meat which can be selected from free-range and grass-fed cattle that are born and reared mainly in the north, south, south parts, and north-west of the state. The animals are British breeds like Hereford and Angus. Moreover, there are some varieties of European breeds. Most importantly the grading is according to Meat Standards Australia.

Beef production includes sustainable, organic, and stress-free practices which help in giving superior quality products. It makes it free from antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, and hormone growth promotants.

  • Emu Meat

Emu meat is a red type of meat that contains low fat and cholesterol. It needs to be cooked carefully otherwise it can get dry easily. The most tender cuts of emu meat include the top loin, fan, and inside trip.

The flavor is mild, and it can pair well with lemon juice, soy sauce, honey, and ginger. Moreover, the meat can be broiled, roasted, grilled, and pan-fried.

  • Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo meat is produced in Australia, and it has low-fat levels. It needs to be served on medium rare so that its taste is proper. It can be paired well with oranges, currants, rosemary, garlic, juniper, and plums. The taste can be described as a cross between venison and buffalo meat. Moreover, it does make the taste overpowered in any way.

With time, the kangaroo meat is gaining popularity all over the world and it is considered a vital part of the Aboriginal diet.

  • Crocodile Meat

In Australia, 2 species of crocodile are found which includes: Freshwater crocodile and Saltwater Crocodile. The crocodile meat consumption is considered as a novelty. Earlier both the species were hunted and farmed for their skin.

This type of meat is known for its firm texture and unique flavor. As the industry continues to develop, the crocodile meat comes in different forms and cuts. It means there is something for everyone to enjoy the meal to the fullest.