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What are the healthiest cuts of meat that will help you in weight loss?

You may not be aware of it that a healthy cut of meat provides a wide array of nutrients that are necessary for body growth, maintenance, and repair as well.

According to a recent study, meat contains enough protein zinc, selenium, Vitamin B12, and heme iron. To obtain all the health benefits, you need to find the best butcher Brisbane.

How to decode meat labels?

If you are visiting a local grocery store to buy meat, then you need to decode meat labels well, because you will find there several types of meat cuts. These include organic meat, grass-fed, free-range, and so on.

Do you know that organic meats contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids? These are natural anti-inflammatories. And grass-fed meat is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids but in Conjugated linoleic acid. This is valuable to eat if you want to lose weight and linked to body composition as well.

Types of meat that are beneficial to lose weight.

Beef or red meat

This type of meat comes from cattle, and this type of meat is rich in protein as well as contains all the necessary amino acids, which are valuable to support your health during physical activity.

Beef is a good source of:

  • vitamin B-12

  • protein

  • niacin

  • zinc

  • iron

  • choline

White or dark chicken meat

Chicken contains a high amount of protein, so you can eat white or dark chicken according to your taste. Chicken is also lower in fat as compared to other animals including beef. And for weight loss, you must go with white meat, because it is a wonderful choice for you due to high in protein and low in fat. Whereas dark chicken is high in zinc, iron, vitamin B, and selenium.

Benefits of chicken

  • iron

  • Protein

  • zinc

  • B vitamins

  • low in fat

  • selenium


According to the research of BBC, pork is one of the nutritious food and it ranked eighth. This cut of meat is beneficial for those suffering from heart diseases. Pork cuts like tenderloin to bacon are high in minerals and protein.

One serving of pork contains the below-mentioned nutrients.

  • magnesium

  • Thiamine

  • potassium

  • vitamin B-6 and B-12

  • iron

Is there any health risk of eating meat?

Yes, there are several health risks of eating not properly cooked meat. So, you must cook it well to reduce the risk of certain health risks.