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What is pork belly? How does the pork belly taste like and how to cook it?

What is pork belly?

The pork belly is the same as the pig belly. Keep in mind it is not the stomach. Pork belly is the cut that is taken from the pig underside. The pork belly is side in a thick and large slab. It is boneless and makes the best option for cooking as it can retain moisture when you go for slow roasting.

Is pork belly bacon?

Well, this is not true. No doubt, both the cuts come from the pig but in terms of slicing and preparation, these are extremely different. 


What does the pork belly look like?

When you get pork belly you see that its cut is solid, and it is on a big slab. It is cut in lengthwise. To get a better understanding of how it is cut or to clear any other doubt, you should talk to our butcher.


What does pork belly taste like?

The taste of the pork belly will be determined if the pork belly contains skin or not. In most cases, the skin is present which helps to give it a rich taste and keep it moist. What’s better than getting a moist pork bite with every crunch. Additionally, the marination you choose will make a lot of difference.


What is pork belly used for?

If your recipe requires bacon then you can use it instead. You can top it on mac & cheese, and add it along with your favorite vegetables. Pork belly can be added with anything you like to eat. It is highly popular in cuisine like Korean, Phillippine, and Chinese. Moreover, you can consider it as the perfect appetizer.


What is the method of cooking pork belly?

  • Pork holes in the skin to get a cranky taste

In restaurants, they have a special tool to do this. To do it at home, you can use an ice pick or any type of sharp object so that it goes through the skin. You need to pork holes in the skin as you do with potatoes. This way the moisture stays in the meat, and it helps in giving a wonderful pocket of air which makes the texture even better.

  • Take away the moisture by using thick salt

Use salt which is thicker so that the moisture is there in the pork and without over-salting it. In many recipes, it is suggested to peel off the salt cover before it is put in the oven.

  • Try different marinade every time

Your pork belly is just like a canvas. You can add paprika, cumin, lime juice, and cilantro to it to make the entire taste even better. Experiment with it and then see what you & your family like the most.

While cooking makes sure you cut the pork belly in small bites which will make your dish even better. Visit our butcher shop to buy fresh and affordable meat of your own choice.