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Are you wondering about the best methods to sharpen butcher knives?

Cutting the meat with perfection by the best butcher Brisbane is only possible when the butcher knife is sharp. Here we are going to understand the ways to determine if it is sharp or dull and what are the methods to make it sharp.

How to determine if the knife is sharp or dull?

  • Take an old newspaper or a magazine to check the sharpness. The knife is sharp if you do not need an overpowering blow to cut the paper.
  • Another tip is to place the tip off the butcher knife on the tip of the fingernail and then push it very softly. If the knife pierces through the nail with a gentle push then it is sharp.


Knife sharpening using a stone

This method is slightly difficult and you need some practice to do it correctly and effectively. You need a sharpening stone and a little bit of oil or water on the stone so that it stays lubricated and this way the knife blade is not going to get too hot. If you are using water then make sure next time you do not use oil and vice-versa.

  • You need to start by choosing the stone type and this refers to the quality. You can get ceramic stones, diamond-edged stones, or hard stone.
  • After that, you need to position the blade edge on the stone. You need to place the knife at the stone at a 20 to 30-degree angle. After that, you can begin with the sharpening process. You might need to push a little into the stone and this also depends on the coarseness degree.
  • To get the job done with perfection, you need around 7 to 8 brushes on each side. Additionally, it also depends on how dull the knife is. Keep in mind you need to stroke both sides.

Knife sharpening using a steel

A steel sharpener is something which you can find in knife sets but you can even buy it alone if you like. With the use of steel, you cannot sharpen the knife but it is going to correct the blade edges and then make it sharp.

  • The first is top position the knives with the tip touching the kitchen counter so that they are perpendicular to it. After that keep the knife at 20 degrees from the steel. This way it is going to provide you with the correct position to sharpen the knife without having any issue.
  • Sharpening is possible by swiping the blade in an arc motion across through a single point in the sharpener. This looks like you are pulling the knife back. Repeat the same step for the other side on the butcher's knife.