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What are the best cuts of meat which every home cook should know?

Given below are the different cuts of meat which every meat cook-lover needs to know:


Anything labeled chuck is from the cow’s shoulder area. This is known for having a beefy and rich flavor and most of them are lean. With a longer time, it makes them grow more tender. This includes anything which is chuck labeled as roast which is perfect to have the best meal. Get the quality type of meat from the best butcher Brisbane.


What are the substitutes for chuck roast?

Chuck roast is labeled as blade roast, arm roast, or 7-bone roast. If you don’t find then opt for a uniformly-shaped lean cut of beef, top round roast, tri-tip roast, or bottom round roast.


Bone-In Short Ribs

Short ribs should not be confused with regular beef ribs that come from the back of the cow. Short ribs need slow cooking or braising is done to bring out the tenderness.


What are the Short Ribs Substitutes?

For a bone-in substitute, you should use beef shank, beef ribs, or oxtail and these cuts contain less meat as compared to short ribs. The chuck roast is best because of it being a boneless choice which can be cut in boneless rib shape.


Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak is tender and grill-ready cut. It is marbled with fat rather than short ribs or chuck roast and it does not need slow cooking. This option is best when grilled quickly over high heat.


What are the Flat Iron Steak Substitutes?

Skirt steak or flank steak works extremely well if you cannot opt for flat iron steak. These are cooked similarly but you need to marinate them before you put them in the grill.


Back Ribs

Back ribs are also known as beef ribs and these are perfect options to cook with barbecue methods. This cut is flavorful which is great with a smoky dry rub or tangy sauce. You need to cook it low and slow for the flavorful meat and to get the tender taste.


What are the Back Ribs Substitutes?

This is a tough one to find. Beef short ribs won’t turn out to be as tender as back ribs. Ideally, you should select the pork spareribs. If you want to have beef, then prefer the option of bone-in ribeye steaks.


Ribeye Roast

Ribeye roast is another option to crave because it is boneless or bone-in. This is perfect to have a special dinner and the seasoned rib eye roast is a perfect choice.


Ribeye Roast Substitutes

Top loin roast (the cut that gives strip steaks) is the ideal substitute for ribeye roast due to its marbling and similar fat cap. Opt for the eye of round roast, which is sometimes known as “poor man’s prime rib.”



What are the Ribeye Steak Substitutes?