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Are you thinking of opening a business in meat packaging? But not having enough knowledge about it. Don’t take much tension.

There are a lot of machines and materials required while packaging. So this article will help you in knowing more about machines, materials used in the meatpacking industry. Not only this but also tell you the process as well and Best Butcher Brisbane. Many industries use different types of packaging to preserve meat.

  • Beef & Pork

Some industries use vacuum packaging to keep large cuts of meat fresh. It abolishes oxygen within the packaging which helps to preserve the meat in the packet only. People use different types of gases to make sure no oxygen will remain inside the packaging. The process of adjusting the atmosphere inside the packaging is known as modified atmosphere packaging.


  • Butcher to shop

The large cuts of meat are vacuum packaged in very thick, flexible packaging materials very carefully. So that the product will stay fresh and look fresh. And then they deliver it to the shops with whom they tied-up.


  • Shop to customer

Groceries stores keep the product in stretchable plastic meat filled with a bottom foam tray. Then it is kept in a heated pad. Sometimes they keep food and meat wrapping machines and use a film rack, film cutter and heat pad to package the meat and make sure that the product will reach the customer safely.


  • Butcher to customer

How many butchers use meat film as the shop does. They are also becoming advanced day by day. Not only this they also use butcher paper and a label which will keep meat safe and secure. It is not expensive also and will not make a hole in your pocket. The butcher paper is found on rolls and gives a neutral PH also that's the main reason why they use it.


  • Seafood

Seafood is frozen very quickly after processing. So it is difficult to keep them fresh. Many industries use flash freezing to slow it down. Some choose the canning method. There is a lot of machinery and tools used in keeping the product fresh. They choose different techniques depending upon the product.


  • Seafood to shops

Canning, freezing are both alternatives to modified atmosphere packaging. The material used to look at fresh seafood is poly bags, laminated film, vacuum bags, thermoforming film. They can keep the product safe in these materials discussed above which helps seafood to remain fresh and healthy.


Poultry uses carbon dioxide to slow down the ageing process. But it uses less carbon dioxide while packaging as compared to seafood packaging. It is perishable in nature.