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Beef Grades - what are they?

You might hear the terms like grass-fed, organic, choice, and natural. The labels you see when you buy the beef are the grades that tell about its features and how the animal was raised. You need to check to make sure you get the quality item. Read the given topic, to learn about the beef grades in detail.

Different types of grades

Beef is of different grades which indicate the regularity, amount, and quality fat within the meat. The grades are assigned as:

  • Prime is the best and marbled beef. At the stores, you can rarely find it as most of it goes to the wholesale level.

  • Standard and commercial grade beef is sold with specific labels and it is leaner. 

  • The choice is the best beef and you can find it at the best butcher shop. 

  • Select is good but it has less flavor and leans and the juiciness is also less.

  • Cutter, utility, and canner grades are not sold at grocery stores but they are found in commercial ground beef. 

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Certified Beef

Certified beef is not used on its own but they have modified labels. The certification means it can be used in different circumstances. But, it is essential to mention the name in which the company is doing the certification process.

Organic Beef

For organic beef, the USDA certification does not allow the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products, and genetically modified feed to raise the livestock.

Grass-Fed Beef

If the human does not intervene the cattle would eat grass for a lifetime. The cattle which are raised for the organic label are fattened by giving the grain and other important feed. Studies have shown that cattle that are given grass have a high level of nutrients and contain less amount of saturated fat. Moreover, there is also the presence of omega-3 fatty acids.

Locally Grown Beef

There is no legal meaning of the term. But if you found the beef with a locally grown label then the store owner will be able to tell in which farm the cattle were raised. 

Kosher Beef

According to Jewish rules and laws, the kosher beef is made with the supervision of a rabbinical. This type of beef comes from the cow front.

Natural Beef

The term all-natural and natural as per USDA defines that the beef is processed minimally and there is no presence of artificial ingredients in beef. This is extremely true for the fresh meat you get from the best butcher store.

No Antibiotics and No Hormones

The USDA needed all the documentation by the producers that the cattle did not have any antibiotics or hormones. Keep in mind, to check the labels there is no third-party.